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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Survey analyse

Purpose of the Survey

The purpose of the survey is to find out if the population was honest. Approximately 100% of people say they do sports frequently and I’m not sure of that. I want to see how often they do sports and why. Another goal is to see how often the students do their sports activities.


Sixteen students from different schools and countries have responded to my survey. Eight boys and eight girls answered my survey, I have the sports habits of equal girls and boys. This is perfect! It is composed of 9 multiple choices answer questions and 1 essay question. Four of that one was general and the six others were on their sports habit.


The majority of the respondents do sports 3 times or more per week and for less than 5 hours. Everyone said they agree with the fact thats sports are important to keep us in shape and I can say wich sport they do to keep their body in shape. The most appreciate sport is running and skiing and the basketball comes after this sport. These sports are sports you can do anything and they have a connection with the often and the frequency the people do sport. Example, if you skiing, you can do that for 6 hours in one day but can you do that 3 or 4 time per week.
The majority of students do sports to have fun, saw a lot of person and keep us in shape. It is funny because a boy has said: ‘’ I just want to watch girls’’. It is great he is using this means to meet a girl…


Running, basket ball and skiing are sports you can do every day. These sports have a union with the frequency and the time the peoplepractice sport. For example, if you ski, can you do that for 6 hours in one day but can you do that 3 or 4 times per week. When you run, usually you run each day. Twelve people said they do sports for less than five hours per week These persons do sport more than 3 times a week. I have checked if the study has an influence on the time allocated to sport. People in technical programs have more work than people in pre-university. If I take the results, I see that the percentage of people in technical program do sport less than 3 time per week and the majority in pre-university do it 3 times or more per week. The girls and the boys search for the same thing in sports: they want to have fun!


I am satisfied with the results of my survey. The results was on my attempt because I know people do not do sport do not responded to a survey that the subject was sport. If I have to change something, on question 5, I would add the choice other. The choice is limited because they do not have this option. I probably would off the question two because it is not very important. This survey has show me the students do sport frequently and for the people who do not do sport, the decision to do more sports is their decision.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Presentation of my town!

I live in the little town named Sainte-Julie. This town is very cute and perfect to live with children. We have a lot of parks and primary schools and a little lake to do kayak or see frogs and flowers! Montreal is only 25 minutes if you want to go to a big town or go to La Ronde to have a lots of big sensations! Beside Sainte-Julie you have the Mont Saint-Bruno. If you want to walk, ski or snowboard it is perfect!

A little town, but, lots of possibilities!